Contamination free production process

Our hygiene practices & policies at the manufacturing facility assures processes to be contamination free, giving the best final product.

Our Capabilities
Our Capabilities
Thorough documentation of process

Providing the right assistance throughout and maintaining a smooth course with our detailed documentation policy.

Drying and milling capabilities to match your needs

Customization at every stage to provide solutions for all your needs with our extensive knowledge and experienced capabilities of drying and milling.

Save crucial project time and money

The key to every successful project is the value of time and right expense of money. With our experienced investigation and deep understanding of analytical methodology, your projects are bound to save critical time and money.

Our safety records you can take assurance from
Scale to match your requirements

Matching with your requirements on every step & process, we scale our operations leading to the best results.

Our scales
Our scales
Experienced team in Organic chemistry, Analytical chemistry and Chemical engineering

With immense knowledge backed with vast experience into the field, our team is our key asset in making your project a success!

Our team
Our team
Proven lab-to-production tech transfer process

With meticulous attention and a track record of success, our lab-toproduction tech transfer process is a testimonial of our past accomplishments.

Our esteemed clients